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Fashion Festival and RENEW Runway

Melbourne is the “fashion city” of Australia. And as I found out at the Melbourne Cup, fashion is taken very seriously here. So it is no surprise that the Fashion Festival (or VAMFF) is so grand. From fashion Runway shows, to presentations, mall discounts etc. it is just HUGE!

The main "theme" is obviously more consuption. The whole festival is made so that you can"shop right from the runway".

However, even VAMFF has to admit, that

ethical fashion is fashion.

And THAT’S WHY I was really happy to see there are so many events focused on recycled, upcycled, ethical and more sustainable fashion.

RENEW Runway was one of them. It showed designers which are creating models from waste: dresses from old T-shirts, redesigned second-hand clothes, and even hats made from an old electric fan. It was inspirational! See for yourself...

P.S.: I was also invited to one of the big runway shows, so if you want to watch with me, follow me on Instagram: @gabriela_lapena.

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