Lapena, bowtie
Lapena, shorts
Lapena, ring
Lapena, skirt
Lapena, dress
Lapena dress
Lapena, skirt
Lapena, skirt
Lapena Bowtie
Lapena, lace
Lapena, shirt
Lapena, blazer
Lapena, Fashion gloves
Lapena, dress

Be Lapena

My interest in ethical fashion is mirrored in the production of my own brand Lapena, which offers unique clothes with respect to the environment. My first choice is always upcycling, but you can also find pieces made from scratch. Either way, all products are Zero Waste, so every piece of fabric is used. However, the main goal remains the same, every garment has to be as special and irresistable, as the woman wearing it.

With love,